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We’ll Be Back

Bolly, posing exclusively for Peacockshock this morning
Boll and I have been preposterously busy over the last few weeks, and now we’re off up north to visit Boll’s grandparents (aka Mum and Dad). But we’ll be back soon and will be re-feathering Peacockshock with fresh and exciting plumage.

Comfy Dogs and Constant Owls

I was intrigued to learn that Odyssey Dawn is the US code for this week’s military intervention in Libya, whereas the Brits are calling it Operation Ellamy. Poetry versus prose.
US military codenames invariably comprise adjective (or similar) + noun.
Some of them sound a bit like nightclubs of a ‘specialist’ nature –
Urgent Fury
Muscle Trunk and
Long Thrust
Others appear to be inspired by a weird bestiary –
Busy Pelican
Comfy Dog
Constant Owl
Linear Unicorn
Killer Kat
Distant Phoenix
Sentinel Tuna and
Wild Weasel
Some are strangely comforting –
Olive Farm
Creek Pebble and
Senior Citizen
Very few are sinister, but there are exceptions such as –
Whispering Death
Surreal ones include –
Tuba Groom
Nymph Voice and
Baby Lift
But quite a few appear to be inspired by rather cheap and nasty air fresheners or fabric conditioners –
Autumn Forge
Blue Zephyr and
Odyssey Dawn itself.
But back to Ellamy. Apparently, it was generated by a computer, programmed to come up with the blandest codenames possible. According to my military sources, it’s because army bosses wouldn’t want to announce deaths relating to aggressive or silly codenames –
I’m sorry Mrs Perkins. Your son was killed in Operation Teletubby
It’s all because Churchill declared that military operations ‘ought not to be given names of a trivial character’. I agree. I must admit I’m not very comfortable with the romance of Odyssey Dawn. There’s nothing romantic about war. Not in the real world anyway.

Six Degrees – Glee

Dr Laura
Sue Sylvester mentioned Dr Laura on Glee this week. I once met Dr Laura Schlessinger, the US talkshow host. And I interviewed (aka ‘had a row with’) her on the BBC. That means I’m just one degree of separation from the entire Glee cast.

Six Degrees – Princess Anne

My friend Franklin was in a taxi in the Cotswolds the other day and went past Princess Anne. His cab driver confirmed that it really was her and not an impersonator or a drag queen. I asked Franklin what she looked like and he replied, ‘I don’t know – I only saw her face.’

Fat as a Whippet

A friend’s vet has told him his whippet’s obese. It’s not. It’s as skinny as a … whippet.
What is it with vets? I accept that Bolly’s a bit on the plump side. But virtually every pet I’ve had has been declared overweight.
Do they automatically tell everyone they have a fat pet? Are people with stick insects told their size zero best friends are morbidly obese and need to attend Stick Insect Weightwatchers? It wouldn’t surprise me.

London Zoo

I popped to London Zoo this week with James and Cosimo. Despite the cool weather, quite a few animals were out and about doing their thing.
I was shocked at the size of the anteater (as big as a sheep – I thought they were hedgehog sized), very impressed by the new butterfly section and greatly taken by an albino porcupine.
Here are a few of the creatures we encountered …