Monthly Archives: June 2011

Random Photo

I took this in Lisbon and rather like their facial expressions.

Dear Photograph

One of the most innovative and touching websites I’ve ever seen is the new Here are three photos to give you an idea of the concept behind it.

Pin-Up of the Week

This week’s pin-up is the lovely Bollinger, doing a special cute pose this morning.

Van Gogh Sighted on Hertford Allotment

Well done Courtyard Arts for adding a much-needed splash of colour to Hertford’s Maidenhead Street. This fabulous new mural depicts Van Gogh striding down the towpath next to the Folly Island allotments.

Bolly and Me

Here we are, posing today in the ridiculous 30 degree heat.

Guinea Pig Drama in Hertfordshire Wood

It was good to see a guinea pig story making the front page of the Mercury this week (Hoddesdon edition – just had to buy it). And it thankfully has a happy ending.
Basically, a mysterious man was sighted dumping a large hutch in Broxbourne woods.
Two local walkers (one of them 75) rushed to investigate and discovered 32 frightened guinea pigs scuttling around in the undergrowth. They’d been abandoned. So they set about catching them.
Being pretty familiar with guinea pigs and their ways, I have to say I’m very impressed. They’re not easy to catch.
The rescue operation was a success and the guinea pigs are now being looked after by a local vet before going to new homes.

The House Where Everyone Goes

I draw the line at ‘restroom’, ‘bathroom’ and ‘gentlemen’s comfort station’. But, being English, I’ve never knowingly gone to the toilet. Instead, I’ve used the ‘loo’, the ‘WC’, the ‘gents’ or the ‘facility, where I’ve variously ‘spent a penny’ (30p nowadays at most railway stations), ‘paid a visit’ or ‘answered a call of nature’.
On a recent visit to Thailand, a diplomat told me to say I was ‘going to shoot a rabbit’, which I duly did, despite being staunchly opposed to the killing of bunnies.
One of my favourite terms for ‘toilet’ is the Arabic phrase ‘the house where everyone goes’.
I also rather like –
Going to visit Mrs Murphy
Doing an errand
Nipping to the necessarium
Entering the House of Office
Visiting Venice
Attending to a small emergency
Popping to Room 100
Going on a retreat
Talking to Grandma slowly
Must rush. Caught short. Need to point Percy at the porcelain.