Monthly Archives: September 2011

Google’s a Teenager

Happy 13th Birthday Google. Dating from 1998, Google’s actually quite elderly in internet terms. But it’s not as old as Yahoo (16) which dates from January 16 1995. Other internet phenomena such as Spotify (3) and Audioboo (2) are mere…

Pin-Up of the Week

This week’s pin-up is the adorable and fabulous Florrie from Stoke Newington in London. Florrie’s 12 weeks old and tabby with ginger overtones. Her likes include: being cuddled like a baby, chasing her tail and sleeping upside down. Her dislikes…

Bishy Barnaby B&B

Last winter, I found some ladybirds in the house and swotted up on what to do about them. The advice from the ladybirdyrati was to put them outside, but in a shed or somewhere sheltered so they could hibernate. I…

Bolly’s Brush with the Gym

Boll isn’t the most exercise-conscious cat, as you can see, but she does enjoy playing with my gym bag. I’m sure it helps her shed the odd calorie.

Swanning Around

The neighbourhood cygnets are almost swans now. Their latest obsession is climbing up the weirs on Hartham, which they do by flailing their legs around and randomly flapping their wings. Mummy swan demonstrates the art of scrabbling up a weir