Monthly Archives: December 2011

Draw A Stickman

drawastickman is fab. Try it now. All you do is draw a stickman (or stickdog, stickcat, stickinsect, whatever) and he comes alive and embarks on a peculiar adventure, with help from you and your drawing skills.

Mrs Meatloaf

Elderly Relative on hearing Meatloaf on the radio – What on earth is that? Me – It’s Meatloaf. Elderly Relative – Who’s she?


I was watching the BBC’s Young James Herriot last night with a relative who can’t hear too well, so we put the subtitles on. A good third of them seemed to be missing. But at least they were better than…

Squeezing Past

Have you noticed, as I have, that the expression ‘excuse me’ has now been replaced with ‘Can I just squeeze past’?

Even Better Than Comic Sans

I always advise my media clients to avoid sarcasm during newspaper interviews, because you can’t really convey tone of voice in print. And it’s the same with social networking. The sarcastic Twitter hashtag #blamethemuslims – sending up the tendency to…

Pin-Up of the Week

This week’s pin-up is the lovely Galliano, 16, who lives with Jane and Roger in deepest Surrey. She was named after the band, not the disgraced fashion designer. Her main hobby is sleeping, but gastronomy comes a close second, and…


I love this pic of Pickles the cat from Hampshire and a cheeky mouse. After being snapped by Adele Mallows, the mouse made a run for it and lives to tell the tale.

The Higgs Boson Particle Made Simple

Behold, the Large Hadron Collider shall bring forth a particle, and they shall call its name the Higgs Boson, and journalists shall call its name the God Particle. And Peacockshock explaineth it herewith. I’ve always taken a dilettantish interest in…

Subatomic Barns Made Simple

I was intrigued that the tiny, microscopic areas where subatomic particles live are known as ‘barns’. So I checked it out. Basically, physicists studying a uranium atom’s nucleus (during the Second World War) quipped hilariously that it was ‘as big…

Odd Units of Measurement

A Microdonkey Moving swiftly on from barns … Bored with inches? Centimetres getting you down? Here are some eccentric units of measurement from the world of physics and elsewhere … A Beard Second The length a physicist’s beard grows in…

Pin-Up of the Week

This week’s pin-up is another cute fluffy rabbit I met at Van Hages garden centre.