Monthly Archives: March 2012

Meerkat Sunbed

I was amused to see this meerkat at Van Hages mini-zoo. He had his head in the lampshade for ages, then peeped out at me as if to ask what I was up to … before sticking his head under the lamp again.

The BBC Ate My Homework

Thanks for the emails asking why I’ve not been Peacockshocking very much over the last few weeks.
Well – it’s because I’ve been making a BBC programme about originality (going out in April) and running the BBC’s new Advanced Features/Documentaries course and devising a BBC Microphones Masterclass. So the BBC is entirely to blame. It literally ate my homework. Not that Peacockshock is homework of course.
A normal service will resume soon.

Cat’s Whiskers

Boll was showing off her whiskers in the sunshine today. As you can see, they’re impressively long.


Finally – the perfect invention. It’s a Japanese speech-jamming gadget that forces dull people into silence.
The SpeechJammer gun records the speech of your target (a tedious teacher, lecturer, vicar, relative or whoever) and then fires their words back at them with a 0.2 second delay. This affects their brain’s cognitive processes and makes them stutter, then just shut up.
The technology’s new, but the idea isn’t. We rascally radio types have known about this technique for years. All you do is play a presenter’s voice back through their headphones on delay. They soon get confused and grind to a halt. It’s most effective if they’re broadcasting live – perhaps reading the news.
Not that I’ve ever done it myself.

Anarchic Anechoic

I spent this afternoon in an anechoic (echo-free) BBC studio in Media City Salford, making odd noises with creative people. Standing up – producer Michael Surcombe and composer Loz Kaye. Sitting down – Professor Trevor Cox, singer Najia Baji and punk legend John Robb. I’m not at liberty to tell you why we were doing it, but it will be on Radio 4 later this year……