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The Rain It Raineth Every Day

The river was higher than I’ve ever seen it today, after weeks of rain. And the legendary puddle near the Hertford Club was literally bigger than Windermere.

Look carefully – it is a puddle

The Old Barge sandbags (which have been propping up the bank for months) were completely submerged. But the resident ducks didn’t seem too bothered about their patio being flooded.

And the weir was just weir…d. Rapids? In Hertford?

That’ll Be Nice For You

For various reasons, I have to go to Wales and Ireland at the weekend.
‘That’ll be nice for you,’ said a neighbour. ‘A nice break.’
Why? Why? Why do people say that???
Wherever I go, for whatever reason, people tell me it will be a nice break. Does it happen to war reporters I wonder?
‘Morning Mrs Perkins. I’m off to Afghanistan and Somalia next week.’
‘Oh. That’ll be a lovely break for you.’
And another thing – whenever I get home late from some trip, people tell me how I am.
‘Oh, you’ll be tired and hungry,’ they tell me. No. Not so. I eat and I sleep while travelling, so I’m usually neither.
Now go to my next posting. That’ll be nice for you. Then have a snack and a snooze, as you’ll be tired and hungry.

Gaston J Feeblebunny

Admiral The Hon Sir Reginald Aylmer Ranfurly Plunkett-Ernle-Erle-Drax
After my witterings about silly names in TV credits, a big thank you to Ant for sending me some utterly preposterous ones.
‘Back in the seventies,’ he writes, ‘we were reduced to gibbering ninnies each Saturday morning, by Richard Boston’s Guardian column. For several weeks he featured Strange Names of Real People.’
Here are a few of them which made Boll and me chortle –
Admiral The Hon Sir Reginald Aylmer Ranfurly Plunkett-Ernle-Erle-Drax (known among his civil servants as ‘Admiral Acronym’)
Aristotle Tottle (described as a ‘timid, feeble pyrate’ from Falmouth)
Lord Salmon of Sandwich (Master of the Rolls)
Charles Adolphe Faux-Pas Bidet (who expelled Trotsky from France in 1916)
Baroness Gaby von Bagge of Boo
Bunyon Snipes Womble
Humperdink Fangboner
Freelove Outhouse
Halloween Buggage
Luscious Pea
Katz Meow
Miss Pensive Cocke
Supply Clapp Thwing
Volume Dingle
Sir WC Dampier-Whetham
Inspired by Ant’s list, I uncovered a few more randomly peculiar names –
Admiral Sir Cloudsley Shovel
Bambina Broccoli
Fifi FuFu
A Moron (Commissioner of Education in The Virgin Islands)
Aphrodite Chuckass
Lettice Goedebed
Lavender Sidebottom
Taffy Sidebottom Ball
Leafy Beagle
Sibyl Bibble
Wincenty Bonk
Vital Bourgeois
Woolloomooloo Cleaves
Adeline Dingledine
Mossie Husbands (Mrs)
Evangelist Polite
Gaston J Feeblebunny

Six Degrees – One Direction

One Direction
I’ve realised I’m virtually a member of the boyband du jour – One Direction.
They were formed by Nicole Scherzinger, on/off partner of Lewis Hamilton, who lives in Tewin near Hertford, which is where my accountant lives.
I hope you’re impressed.

Six Degrees – Steven Spielberg

Steven Spielberg

I’ve just realised I’m practically related to Steven Spielberg.
For a start, I know a sibling of the star of one of Spielberg’s films.
My next door neighbour S provided the sand for Saving Private Ryan. Spielberg was very particular about the colour.
Then, last week, I was in a cafe in London W1 (Great Titchfield Street, to be precise) sitting, by chance, right next to three people who appeared to work with him and were going on about him. They seemed to think he was very good, but he only made brief appearances in their office, which they referred to as ‘Spielberg Drive-bys’. I’ve no idea who they were.

Soooo Cute

Yes. Only Bolly could do it. Fall asleep with her tongue out. What next?