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Hertford – Taste The Difference

One good thing about the new Sainsbury’s bridge is that it’s introduced us to this new view. Must be maddening for the people in those riverside houses though. And let’s hope the local swans find a new nesting spot after being ousted. Anyway – it is a pleasing view, so it gets a Nectar Point from me. As for the Sainsbury’s bridge – I’m not aware that it has a proper name. Any ideas?

All The Bells – Hertford 8.12 July 27 2012

Olympic tintinnabulations shook Salisbury Square in Hertford this morning at 8.12 am, as part of the national All The Bells ‘happening’.
A failed campanologist, I tintinabbulated a bit myself. But my main focus was on recording it for posterity.
Hertford All The Bells – listen in stereo
It was all very jolly, if deafening. Artistes included Hertford Mayor Jane Sartin, firefighters, police officers, cyclists, toddlers, and some quite sporty-looking elderly people.

Shaggy Dog Story

My shaggy dog story is that I saw a very fetching shaggy dog in a Citroën 2CV on Fore Street.

View From My Pillow

The view most mornings when I wake up

Save The Gerund

I’m worried about gerunds. If you’re under 25, a gerund is a verb form ending with ‘ing’.
They used to be quite socially acceptable. We used to flaunt our gerunds and openly say things such as, ‘I love eating.’
But then along came those Americans with their pesky American grammar, and they started saying, ‘I love to eat.’ And now the young are doing it in the UK too. The infinitives have swamped the gerunds, like the grey squirrels taking over from the pretty red ones.
Save the gerund I say. You’re British, aren’t you for goodness sake? Surely you love huntin’, shootin’ and fishin’. You don’t love to hunt, to shoot and to fish. Oh no.

Animal Photobombs

I was amused to read about an egotistical sloth which allegedly bombed a pic of some students in Costa Rica this week. It inspired me to compile my all-time favourite animal photobombs …