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I was in Newcastle recently and was shocked to overhear several young Geordies saying ‘alright’ or ‘all right’ – ie. speaking proper English.
But in Geordie, it’s most certainly pronounced ‘alreet’ (or ‘arlreet’ if you wish).
It’s odd. I’m sure alreet was still in use a few years ago, but it now seems to have gone the way of ganzie, cuddy and hinny.
There is hope though. It could possibly be on the verge of a comeback, thanks to, of all people, those canny lads One Direction
Eeee pet. Who’d have thought?

Peter Ruffles’s Crispy Secret

I always knew Hertford’s number one celebrity had a sinister secret. Now Peter Ruffles has been rumbled. He’s leading a double life as one of Spain’s leading crisp barons. I spotted these ham-flavoured Ruffles crisps in Las Palmas.

Mr Hertford