Monthly Archives: December 2013

Where Did You Leave It?

I lost my key the other day and stormed randomly round the house fulminating, as you do.

‘What have you lost?’ asked a friend, helpfully.

‘MY KEY’, I replied.

‘Well, where did you leave it?’ came the reply.

Is it me, or is that quite simply the most pointless, irritating, asinine question ever asked in the entire history of Christendom?

Perhaps not. Thinking about it, a better contender might be the question frequently asked by a complete stranger wandering vaguely into a room where I’m sitting before some course or other I’m running.

‘Is this the right room?’ the stranger asks. Without fail.

‘I can’t tell you,’ I reply. Because I can’t. I really can’t.

OMG. Is this the right blog?

Penguin Terminology

I was really impressed by the new ‘penguin beach’ at London Zoo and learnt a few new things about penguins –

Rockhoppers are stand-offish divas

A group of penguins is a ‘parcel’

When penguins are happy, they jump out of the water like flying fish – this is known as ‘porpoising’